The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Mark Twain)

5 Star

This book pulled at all the chords in my heart. This was my first novel by Mark Twain, and although not quite what I was expecting, I really enjoyed reading it. Twain writes a captivating narrative of childhood, or life through Tom’s eyes. From start to finish, it is not difficult to put images to Twain’s writing, clearly seeing the young Tom playing pirates with his friends, or witnessing a crime, or developing the fickle but innocent crushes that only children could. 

Although I had never read the book before, I knew some of the story, such as the bit about painting a fence which has become no less than a cliché throughout America. Tom, although a troublemaker, seems to represent the majority of boys that I work with today, and those that I knew in my childhood, including my own brother. Energetic troublemakers, but undoubtedly good at heart.

While much of Twain’s story expands into the realm of unrealistic, at least by today’s standards, it remains charming and pleasant to read. I loved the part of the story where the boys run away from home to play “pirates” on an island, and I was rooting for Tom as he attempted to find his way out of the dark cave. I am definitely glad that I read this one during the summer, as it almost would’ve seemed wrong to read it during a season unfit for being outdoors.

I enjoyed reading about Tom’s adventures, and I am excited for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, currently sitting on a shelf waiting for me to finish the book I am reading now. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a nice story that will leave you feeling nostalgic and dreaming of the simplicity of childhood.

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