The Firm (John Grisham)

3 Star

After I finished this book, I was not really sure if I liked it. It was definitely entertaining, but Grisham’s writing style is a bit choppy for my tastes and I really disliked the ending. That being said, I am writing this review a few months after actually finishing the book, and the more time I have to consider it, the more I like the book.

At first I was somewhat turned off by the initial plot, in which a lower middle class lawyer takes a job with a strange but extravagant “old boys club” law firm. While I was intrigued by the concept of this firm, I did not really like Mitch McDeere’s character. I felt that he was somewhat underdeveloped in the beginning, just your basic, stereotypical, new lawyer character. However, as you learn more about McDeere’s relationship with his wife and the story continues, the character definitely becomes more developed and captivating.

I mostly enjoyed the more suspenseful parts of the novel, throughout which Grisham somehow transforms the dealings of a shady law firm into a page-turning thriller. I won’t give away the ending, but I have to admit that I was incredibly disappointed by it and had hoped that it would end in a variety of potential scenarios other than the way it did.

It probably comes through in this review that I am really not sure how to rate this book. In the end, Grisham kept me engaged throughout the story and it has remained in the back of my mind for all of these months, which are generally two marks of a good book. I will conclude this review by saying that although I am conflicted, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys lawyer-centric or white collar crime novels, with the advice to give it a chance even if you might not be hooked in the beginning.

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