The “Why?”

First and foremost, this website is a personal one for me. I love to write, and hardly ever have the opportunity to do so since finishing my BA a few years ago. After working in the insurance and financial services industry, I am back in school to earn my Masters in Teaching Social Studies. While I love education and moving into a field that I am passionate about, writing unit and lesson plans is not nearly as satisfying as organizing thoughts and ideas in a writing piece. This blog will be my outlet to continue writing and reflecting on my experiences as I move through my twenties.

I hope this page will be an enjoyable read for anybody who stops by and that those who have something to contribute to the conversation feel free to leave a comment.

At the start of this endeavor, it seems only natural to write about the things that I love.

I love to read. I always have my Kindle on me, and I enjoy everything from the classics to the quick but entertaining “drugstore” novels. I am constantly thinking about the books I am reading, but unfortunately there are few people in my life who regularly enjoy discussing them with me. Since I don’t have the time for a book club, this page is a good outlet for my thoughts on literature.

I love to travel and explore the world around me. One day I will have the time and resources to travel to all of the places I want to go, but for now I am content to explore my neck of the woods, aka the Northeastern US. My love of and fascination with history leads me to some places, and my desire to relax and have a great time leads me to others. My mother always encouraged me to keep travel journals when vacationing as a child, and this page will be my 21st century “travel journal” to keep my memories.

I am also incorporating quotes that I’ve picked up over time, pulled from my Kindle highlights page. These authors’ thoughts stood out as most significant when I first read them, and still hold meaning for me today.

With all that being said, I hope that this page can be more than just a few book reviews or photographs posted when I have the time. I am looking forward to seeing where it takes me and am excited to get started.

Happy reading!

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